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“Secure architecture activity works best when it is integral to the solution architecture.”

– Geoffrey Hill

Company Profile

Artis-Secure was founded with the idea of providing a holistic security solution for software products. We are currently developing products to assist in the automation of security tasks and to enable non-security resources with security tasks.

Management Team

Geoffrey Hill, Director

Geoffrey Hill has been a developer in the IT industry since 1990, when he wrote and sold C++ based solutions to measure risk in the commodities markets in New York City.

From 2007–2011, Geoffrey was the custodian of the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) initiative in the Services organization at Microsoft, with endorsement by the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Initiative Group.

Geoffrey was recently employed by Cigital Inc., a leader in incorporating secure engineering development frameworks into the software development lifecycles of client organizations.

Silvia Hill, Financial Director

Silvia Hill was previously a European Small Cap Fund manager for over 10 years in London, managing over £1bn in assets for institutional and retail clients. Silvia has an MBA in Finance from Nottingham University in UK, and a Business degree from University of Augsburg, Germany.

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